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Back in the 1970's, Larry Becker adapted the classic prediction effect to use a cassette tape recording.  The audio tape predicted the winer of a horse race with 10 horses running in it.   Track Record (as it was called) was a very strong piece of mentalism, but it faded into disuse because the cassette tape player faded into disuse.   When compact discs became the media of choice for audio recordings, Track Record was left behind. 

But in 2004, Becker updated the effect, this time using a CD recording and changing the horses to race cars.  The result was just as impressive.  And now as 2020 approaches, poor Larry's media choice is verging on obsolete again, as iPods and digital music take over. 

But Finish Line can still be an impressive piece of mentalism.   (see note at end about using an iPod or Smartphone instead of a CD player)

The effect:    the mental-magi shows a CD and puts it into a portable CD player, and then displays a bunch of racing cards -- (they look like collectable cards like baseball cards, but with racing cars on them).    The spectator chooses ANY number from one to ten, and that freely chosen number leads to the selection of one race car and driver.  The magi (or spectator) pushes "play" on the CD player, and the CD recording begins.  It is an announcer calling the end of a professional car race.  In the end, the winner of the race is announced -- the very same car and river that was chosen!

The choice of the car/driver is very clean and fair.  No spelling out numbers, no equivoque, no cutting or moving cards, etc.  They name a number and the cards are immediately counted down to get to the selected car.  The prediction is not switched -- only one recording is used.    If you made up the car/driver cards in larger size, this could play as a great STAGE effect, too.  Because the recording could be piped in over the PA system for all to hear.

Last note:  I found that I could import the CD's audio track using iTunes, and play it on my iPod.  So if you have any software that can import CD audio onto your smartphone, iPod or other digital device, you can carry this with you always -- keep the packet of cards in your pocket, and be ready to play the prediction from your device.

A great piece of mental magic that is somewhat under appreciated and overlooked due to the media involved.  But we know better!   Get this!