Chrystal Switch Box By Koontz & Pro-Magic (The Original)

Chrystal Switch Box By Koontz & Pro-Magic (The Original)

  • $210.00


A small clear plastic box, can switch AUTOMATICALLY any small item such as: Billets, Money, key, coin etc... Endless possibilities of effects and routines can be done with this box: For example:

You take paper money from a spectator from the audience (lets say 20$) you ask him to fold it and place into the small clear box for safe keeping! The box is then hanged on his neck for best view .... You write on a piece of paper a serial long number. You ask the spectator to take out the money from the box and to read the cereal number of his bill, the number matches your written prediction.

You have a mystery box with ONE lock, and 5 keys. You explain that only ONE key will open the lock and sll other 4 will not. You ask 4 spectators to choose one key each, and the last remaining key is placed inside the Crystal Box, hanged on someone’s neck to be isolated for best view. You explain that if they open the box, the content will be theirs. All four try to open the lock but the key does not match. They take the last key from the Crystal box who belong to you (you do not touch) and it is opening the lock to revile an expensive prize that they DID NOT win.

  • The switch is invisible and done under your command with your hardly touching it.
  • Crystal box can be hanged in full view on any spectators neck.
  • Extra strong spring that will lock any item after the switch

Deluxe model for years of professional use. Do not get confused with any cheap illegal imitation this is the real deal and andn will do the work you need unlike any other.