TEL'S BELL 2.0 + DOWNLOAD VIDEO By: Guy Bavli & Terry Herbert

  • $179.00

Tel's Bells 2.0 PROMO by Pro-magic & BakoreMagic from Guy Bavli on Vimeo.

TEL’S BELLS 2.0  By: Guy Bavli & Terry Herbert


For a long time it was unavailable, and now its back better than ever!

You are here for a treat! One of the greatest comedy magic props of all times is now available in the 2.0 new and Re-designed model.

This is a beautiful Brass Hand Bell that only you can ring. No matter how much your spectator will try, you will be the only one who can ring the bell. It has endless possibilities of laughter and amazement.

The Tel’s Bell is a classic comedy prop suitable for both adult and children entertainers and hailed by many as the greatest magic gag since the Breakaway Wand.

Originated by Terry Herbert, one of England's foremost Comedy Magician and children Entertainers.

It includes a downloadable video with full instructions of how to work the bell, as well as a rare interview with the creator of the Tel’s Bells, Terry Herbert. You will hear stories from his over 70 year long career as a comedy magician… how the Bell was created, tips, ideas and wisdom from the man himself.

  • Easy to Ring (Only for the performer who knows the secret)
  • Shiny luxurious look.
  • Protective bag.
  • Hand made in the USA.
  • Paper instructions include gags and tips.
  • Video downloadable Instructional by Guy Bavli and special Interview with Terry Herbert
  • Special tip on how to transform your Tell’s Bells 2.0 into a regular bell when needed 

What you get:

Tell’s Bell 2.0 – will be sent to you by mail.

       57   Minute Video download with instructions and Interview you can download immediately. 

The download will be available immediately upon your purchase and the Bell will be shipped to you with the method of shipping you selected. 

 * Tell’s Bells is a prop mainly designed for live shows – not virtual shows.

If you already own the TELL'S BELL 2.0 you can purchase the download video instructions and Interview by itself. Click here to purchase the TELL'S BELL 2.0 download video