Show Biz Card By Pro Magic

  • $20.00

Have you ever given your business card to a person who you to network with but they never called or even remembered you when you saw them again?

Nerver just give them your business card hope they contact you-EXPECTTHEYWON'T!

Break the ICE and give them your business card in a FUN MAGICAL WAY and they will remember you for ever!you are about to offer one of your business card to a spectator in an especially striking way... The spectator selects a card from a deck of cards.You then show a stack of business cards,with a beautiful picture of hands on it . you rifle the stack of business card and the hands seem to visually move like in a motion picture: The hands clap and a deck of cards appear .The cards are spread and one card magically rise from the deck. The animated hand picks up the card and turns it over-it is the chosen card!This business card with the picture of the chosen card is then given to the spectator to keep-it is YOUR REAL BUSINESS CARD!WHAT A WAY TO HAND OUT YOUR BUSINESS CARD!!!!

The spectator will surely remember the magic and treasure your business card.

  • Easy to perform
  • Resets in seconds
  • works with any standard size business card
  • Can be performed each time with a different playing card.

Includes:A Special set of animated SHOW BIZ CARDS, 24 special stickers to put on the back of your own business card,and instructions.