Clear Clip Board - By: Pro-Magic

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Clear Clip Board By: Pro-Magic

A clip board is the most essential tool for a mentalist.

This one if all different because it is completely CLEAR yet, you are able to know what people designed or write live on stage.

A unique tool for the professional Mentalist!

Comes complete with:

* 8.5' x 7' (22cm x 18cm) clip board, with attached pen.

* 100pc paper block

* Instructions

* Bag

The Basic Effect:

The performer asks from a spectator of the audience to join him on stage.

The spectator then asks to think about an object or a design - free choice, and to memorize it in his mind.  The performer gives a piece of paper and pen and asks the spectator to go to the side of the stage and draw the design he had just thought of, to take out the paper, fold it, put it in his pocket and think about it.

While the spectator is drawing, the performer is facing the opposite side.

After the spectator has finished drawing, the performer reads his thoughts and draws the same design he did on another piece of paper.